This week I had a hard time with my affiliates. I applied for them and one of them didn’t work and I’m not sure why yet. The other one hasn’t workout either, so I need to find different affiliates. I am able to link my site to the item on the other site, but it isn’t an affiliate link.

Learning about the legal structure, licensing, taxes, etc. this week was a little stressful. Not because it was hard to do. I guess maybe it was more anxiety causing than stressful. I worried that I wasn’t choosing the right on for me or that I was doing it wrong. In the end, I think I have done things correctly. I need to finish my licensing on the city level, but we were out of town for my Grandma’s funeral, so I wasn’t able to go in person. Luckily, I could file online for state because we weren’t even in my state. It was interesting to learn all of the different aspects of everything and to read what my classmates have to say about it. I learned from them and from reading this week.


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